..5-13th September 2015


'Quality Fruit Wines' successfully completed its participation in the 80th Thessaloniki International Exhibition.


..2 – 5 October 2014, Elliniko.


On Sunday 5th October 'Quality Wines' successfully completed its participation in the first ExpoAgrotic & ExpoFarm 2014 exhibition.


18 - 21 April 2013, Zappion


The seventh interactive exhibition ' Tastes and Life' surpassed all predictions regarding its importance and traffic. In a very unique historical area like the Zappion, guests had the opportunity to find and taste our pomegranate semi-sweet / semi-dry wines and the special quince and blackberry wines, acquiring admiration and high reviews.


..12-14 April 2013 Peristeri Exhibition Centre 

9aThe first exhibition of olive oil and wine "E- ladi - inos 2013 'exceeded all predictions regarding the number of visitors. The exhibition, unique in its kind, covered all olive and wine products, in an area of 3,500 sqm where guests had the opportunity to experience and taste, the most traditional and quality products ..

dedicated to the Republic of Armenia, 25th April 2012 Athens Intercontinental Hotel


8aThe Commanders OSMTH Greece Athens "Constantinos Paleologos “and Piraeus “Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew A " of the Sovereign Chivalric Order of the Temple of Jerusalem Grand Priory of Greece, within the scope of International Relations and of the spirit " To get to know the people of all the world " organized an important and special event dedicated to the Republic of Armenia.

Zappion, 20-22 April 2012


The fifth interactive exhibition ' Tastes and Life' surpassed all predictions regarding its importance and traffic...


EKEP Metamorfosi , 16-19 March 2012


6cPerhaps is the most important exhibition of its kind in Greece, which is being held every second year. The Oenorama is the largest exhibition of the alcoholic beverages sector. Visitors had the opportunity to see and taste the best wines and see interesting exhibits regarding viticulture and wineries equipment.

Egli’ Zappion, 11 December 2011


5aA special exhibition for a very 'closed' and limited audience, which lasted only for one day in the beautiful area of 'Egli' in Zappion. All the great winemakers of the country were there, and the pomegranate wine was exposed to an audience that knew well why you should 'sacrifice' an entire Sunday afternoon.

Traditional Products of the World’, 25-28 November 2011


4aAfter the success of the First International Festival in 2010, the organization of the second International Festival of Traditional Products of the World was expected.

For the second consecutive year Quality Wines participated in the festival held at the MEC in Peania.

Thessaloniki, 21-23 October 2011

2aA short trip to Thessaloniki was necessary to meet our friends of the second largest city.

The Thessalonitians are well known for their gourmet tastes, and actually most of them are connoisseurs. They know a lot, so be careful there.

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