..12-14 April 2013 Peristeri Exhibition Centre



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The first exhibition of olive oil and wine "E- ladi - inos 2013 'exceeded all predictions regarding the number of visitors. The exhibition, unique in its kind, covered all olive and wine products, in an area of 3,500 sqm where guests had the opportunity to experience and taste, the most traditional and quality products. .

‘QualityWines’ presented the pomegranate wine in semi-sweet and semi-dry form, and the unique quince and blackberry wines. The special wines were left in the hands of the public, earning admiration and highest reviews.

During the exhibition the new unique pomegranate, quince and blackberry shaped handmade bottles were exhibited for the first time, as an alternative for unique and special presents.

ArArAt brandy with its 7 different types, made once again the difference, confirming the superiority and rare quality, among all noble beverages.