June 2012

Pomegranate Wine is a fact !

This unique wine is the result of natural fermentation of the fruit juices. It is produced using traditional techniques, similar to grape – wine making, maintaining the strong flavor of the fruit along with healthy and beneficial properties for the human body. It consists also a very important source of antioxidants , nutrients and vitamins , always with responsible consumption.

Pomegranate wine, is produced in semi-sweet and semi-dry but in the future plans of the company is the production of a special dry.

full fruity flavor, accompanied by distinctive aroma, leaves a long lasting but delicate aftertaste.

This wine is exclusively available from ‘Quality Wines’ where among other, represents the world famous known ArArAt brandy.

It is found in selected liquor stores and delicatessens or from the company headquarters in Nea Smirni.

‘Quality Wines’ Nikolaou Plastiras123 , Nea Smirni , tel :2130047764
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